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About South Central

This Is HUGE.

Incorporated in 1946 in Evansville, IN South Central Communications is a holding company with its two largest subsidiaries being South Central Media and South Central A/V. South Central Media is a marketing company that includes top rated radio stations, online strategies, and digital marketing services such as web design, search marketing, email marketing, and online display advertising. South Central A/V is an audio visual solutions provider that designs and installs music by Muzak, pro sound systems, visual solutions, video surveillance, drive thru intercoms, and integrated a\v systems.


A Very HONORABLE Calling.

The relationships we've formed with our people and customers over the years are very special to us. It is a family thing not just because the business is owned by a few folks with the same last name. We consider everyone part of our family and we are merely stewards of the businesses we own and operate.

Great joy comes from running interesting businesses that provide good investment returns and satisfy needs in the marketplace. If done correctly, being in business can be a very honorable calling. We exist to work for the ultimate benefit of people. For three generations and 60+ years we have been trying to live up to that everyday.

John & JP

South Central Media

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